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Perfection is Not Required

If you are anything like me, you struggle along the narrow path. I am NOT that "perfect believer", I am well aware that I have many flaws. But guess what...God takes all walks of people and still fulfills His purpose using their bad choices and personal failures for good! Does this mean they all get to enter the majestic pearly gates when their life on Earth ends? No. Unfortunately, I have to be real here, not everybody goes to Heaven. I mean let's think about this, not everyone gets into the night club, there are age requirements and dress codes, not everyone gets to make the team, there are rules and requirements to be met, not everyone gets into college, there are what?...RULES AND REQUIREMENTS. Yep, that's right! God is not looking for us to be perfect, He knows we fall short, He knows we mess up. What God is looking for is the pureness of our hearts, if we know His son, Jesus, are we making an effort to be closer to Him, have we repented and asked for forgiveness and guidance. That's just to name a few things God is expecting of us.

God gave us free will. He does not want to force us to do anything. He wants us to choose Him. I mean, do you want to force someone to date you? No! LOL, I am fairly certain that is illegal too. Do you want to force someone to hang out with you? No! We want them to choose us because they want to. He wants us to choose Him because we love Him and we want to follow Him and be loyal to Him no matter what. Thankfully, it's not that much to ask really. We develop relationships all the time, let's develop the one that is the most important. The good news is that we can come to Him how we are, no matter what we have done and He will forgive and accept us back. Every day our time on Earth grows shorter, let's make it count! I want us to enter those pearly white gates, don't you?


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