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Have you heard about The GIANT? If not, hop over to YouTube and check it out real quick, . Now that you are up to speed, at first glance some might think this is just simply the world's largest art project, but to believers of Christ it is viewed much differently.

According to the Giant can sing and speak, move its head and arms and transform into ANY-IMAGE! At the shoulders of this giant, you will find a roof top GARDEN! It is also said to be capable of holding stage performances and shining beams of colored lights to light up the show!

If you are biblically minded, this might sound all too familiar for many reasons. One familiarity you might notice is the roof top GARDEN. Could this be a play on The Garden of Eden? Second, the fact that this enormous art project is called The GIANT could have your mind wondering if it is a coincidence that the Bible warns us that the end of days will be similar to the days of Noah, when the GIANT Nephilites were running amuck recklessly. Furthermore, you can also "become" a giant by uploading an image of themselves. Third, Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the 90-foot statue of Babylon, made of gold, silver, brass, iron and clay, was interpreted to be a symbolic representation of what was to come regarding the worldly timelines and the governments to come, at that time. As we know, in the last days a one world government will arise. Nebuchadnezzar went on to have the statue created. As a form of rebellion and complete haughtiness he had the entire statue created in gold and gold alone. To him this meant that God would not get in his way and his kingdom would prevail. He ordered everyone to worship the statue and anyone who did not would be thrown into a blazing furnace. Well, THAT didn't work for Sharach, Meshach and Abednego. They stood firm in their faith and God delivered them from their undeserved persecution. And lastly, you might ponder on if this GIANT moving and speaking shapeshifter has anything to do with Revelation 13. Within this chapter we are told of a statue, created to resemble a beast, that will be given the power to speak and make fire flash down from Heaven. Since this was written well before stage lights were invented, could this be the fire flash? Could ALL of these be a coincidence? Maybe. These are only some points to ponder on.

The Giant is supposed to be placed in 21 cities around the GLOBE. With the ability to change into any IMAGE and be so geographically present at once, it seems to hold great potential to take the form of a world leader and easily demand to be worshipped all over the planet.

With A.I on the rise and this world embracing technological advancement without batting an eye, it seems that a statue being given the power to speak and commanding all to worship it isn't so farfetched. After all, don't many already worship technology every day?


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